Thursday, January 24, 2013

First Grade Subbing Experience

On Tuesday I subbed in a first grade classroom and oh my goodness, I loved it! The students were so, so sweet and helpful. This was my first time at this school which is always a little scary. You never know what the "vibe" of a school might be. Luckily everyone I came in contact with at this school was very friendly and welcoming. The students worked very hard and we got everything accomplished. YAY! I left a note to the teacher letting her know that I'd love to sub for her again in the future and left her my contact info. She ended up texting me later to thank me and say that she will definitely contact me when she needs another sub. YAY! I'm so glad I have a foot in the door at that school because it would be great to work there.

On Monday and Tuesday I have a sub job in 2nd grade at a different school. This school is a magnet school so I'm curious to see what it's like. I've never been in a magnet school before. 2nd grade is my 2nd (ha) favorite grade level. I love getting the opportunity to go to different schools and see different grade levels. To me it's so important that I see as many schools that I can so that way when jobs start opening up I will know which schools I want to apply at!

I hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday!!

Monday, January 14, 2013


I suppose it is time to begin updating this blog. In October I finished up my student teaching in 1st grade. That same month I finished up my college courses and in November I began a long-term sub job in the 3rd grade. I definitely learned a lot during that long-term sub job. It was my first time being in a 3rd grade classroom. I loved those 3rd graders but I do not think 3rd grade is the grade for me. I missed the little ones too much! I'd pass by kindergartners and 1st graders walking in the hallway and I would think AWWWW I MISS YOU. I went out of my way to talk to them just to hear those little voices. I missed it so much!

After graduating and finishing up that sub job, I'm sort of stuck in the in-between. Other sub jobs are starting to come in and although they are day to day and not long-term, I am still excited. This Wednesday I have a job in a 1st grade classroom in a school I have not been to but is supposed to be excellent. I can't wait to be back in a classroom with a group of firsties. 1st grade is definitely my favorite grade to teach so my fingers are crossed that a 1st grade teacher is retiring or moving or something! However I'm going to enjoy getting to experience other schools and classrooms. This will let me decide what schools I'd love to work at and what schools I should avoid.

As soon as I get a teaching job I plan on creating things to share with all you other bloggers. So many of you have given me such great ideas to use during my student-teaching and long-term sub job! I want to be able to give back to you! Not saying my stuff will be amazing...I'm not sure how some of you create such cutesy stuff. But I hope that at least 1 or 2 of you will find my resources valuable!