Thursday, January 24, 2013

First Grade Subbing Experience

On Tuesday I subbed in a first grade classroom and oh my goodness, I loved it! The students were so, so sweet and helpful. This was my first time at this school which is always a little scary. You never know what the "vibe" of a school might be. Luckily everyone I came in contact with at this school was very friendly and welcoming. The students worked very hard and we got everything accomplished. YAY! I left a note to the teacher letting her know that I'd love to sub for her again in the future and left her my contact info. She ended up texting me later to thank me and say that she will definitely contact me when she needs another sub. YAY! I'm so glad I have a foot in the door at that school because it would be great to work there.

On Monday and Tuesday I have a sub job in 2nd grade at a different school. This school is a magnet school so I'm curious to see what it's like. I've never been in a magnet school before. 2nd grade is my 2nd (ha) favorite grade level. I love getting the opportunity to go to different schools and see different grade levels. To me it's so important that I see as many schools that I can so that way when jobs start opening up I will know which schools I want to apply at!

I hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday!!


  1. Natalie your blog is soooo cute! I love the name to. So glad your subbing experience was a good one in first grade. I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE first grade!! Congratulations on graduating. whoo hoo!!!

    Yes, Erica is one pretty cool chica. Very sweet and very humble. I'm your newest follower!!!


    1. First grade is my favorite grade! I did my student teaching in first grade and fell in love. I'm so hoping a first grade position opens up in my area. :)