Saturday, May 4, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week

Sub jobs have really picked up for me the last couple of weeks. I worked every day last week and have a job for every day next week! I've been subbing more frequently at a school that I lovelovelove and that will definitely have openings next school year. They will need a few teachers in the grade I want to teach. The district hasn't posted job openings yet so it is not official yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! A teacher friend told me I should give my resume to the principal but I just don't know about that! I haven't even met this principal and don't want to seem desperate or over-bearing! Have any of you ever handed your resume to a principal? What was the response? What do you think your principal would think of someone doing that?

 I have another question for you all! Teacher Appreciation Week is this week and I would really like to take advantage of some teaching/school supply deals. I've tried googling but everything I've found is for last year. Do any of you know of any stores (Staples, Office Depot, Target, etc) that are having Teacher Appreciation Week sales? I really want to start stocking up on post-its, Expo markers, pens, and other things that run out every 5 seconds in a classroom.

Have a good weekend!! :D